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Women & Wealth

We believe no matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter where you are from, all roads eventually lead to one. At Manna Capital Management, we believe in fashioning investment strategies that are responsive to every stage in a woman’s life. We believe investing in and empowering women enables the contributions women can offer in turn makes the world a better place.

We Simply Believe the empowerment of women is smart economics….

“To achieve the economic expansion we all seek—we need to unlock a vital source of growth that can power our economies in the decades to come. That vital source of growth is women.”

Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State

Why Manna for Women

We see every woman who sits in front of us as someone’s mother or someone’s daughter, which makes our firm very personal and very real. That perspective sets the tone for the meeting from the beginning. We take the Golden Rule, ‘do unto others,’ and amplify that by the imagery of our own parents. The underlying foundation of Manna Capital Management is built on love, trust, care and kindness. For over 50 years we lived by those values and it's why we are so devoted to our clients. Traditionally, men have been the ones responsible for managing and achieving the long-term financial goals for their families. Due to this, many women grew up with the idea that someone else would do the planning for them. They took advice from fathers, brothers, and husbands. Although that may be okay, the goals of men and women tend to be different.

In our experience, many times for men the goal has to do with making an investment that will gain the highest return…

"What I have found in conversations with hundreds of women is that for women, financial goals center around values and what they will be able to do with their money; not how much they will have at the end. Finding out how a woman values her money is key to helping her make the right investment decisions."

David D. Kassir, Financial Advisor | Managing Principal

Knowing how much you needed to retire used to be simple. When you reached full retirement age, you kicked back and lived primarily on your Social Security and pension benefits. Now Social Security probably won't provide enough to live comfortably, and few employers offer traditional pension plans. Besides, you may not want to kick back. Many retirees are choosing more active lifestyles and doing things like starting a business. For help navigating the new world of retirement and clarifying your investment goals, you may benefit from getting sound financial advice.